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In the heart of the Dolomites


We’re located 300 metres form the bottom of the cable car that ascends to the Piani di Pezzè, a natural area ideal for picnics or the starting point for excursions of various levels of difficulty, including via ferratas. But above all, we’re in the heart of the Dolomites.

Here are some of the easy excursions you can take from our hotel:


Route: The departure point is the Sporthotel Europa, right on the lakeshore. From here we follow the road around the lake in a clockwise direction as far as the village of Masarè, where we turn right. Continue, following signs for the Chalet. After the Chalet, there are two options: continue to the end of the tarmac road and then descend the path to reach the suspended bridge, or immediately take the track that leads through the woods to the bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn right and follow the lakeshore back to Sporthotel Europa.


The Bramezza walk takes us to one of the most fascinating places in our valley:
a small hamlet of the comune of Rocca Pietore which can only be reached on foot a handful of ancient houses, some of which feature singular chimneys that have nothing in common with the local architecture and seem to recall Ottoman style.


Departing from the central square of Masarè di Alleghe, we ascend to the tennis court at Piàn Grant, where we turn right on a path that leads to a dam. Here we bear left, still climbing slightly, to a short flat stretch that takes us to a little wooden bridge which we don’t cross; instead we go straight on towards the waterfall. In a few minutes we reach the waterfall, whose presence is announced by the thundering of water and the refreshing spray of water droplets. We follow the same route back.


We follow the pavement alongside the Cordevole stream towards Savinèr (Rocca Pietore); some 500 metres later, having crossed the bridge, the road turns left but we turn right, where we see signposts indicating the spring. The unpaved road continues wide and easy, and we enter the gorge carved out by the Cordevole. In approximately 10 minutes we reach a small wooden bridge; after this we see the sulphur spring on our right. The water is potable and has health-giving properties; however the odour is distinctive and certainly not pleasant. Plenty of benches invite us to rest by the riverbank, and on the right, a ramp leads to the picnic area. Continuing for a few minutes towards the narrowest part of the valley, where the walls become vertical, we find ourselves in front of the Digonera dam, whose building in the early 60s was interrupted by the catastrophic landslide of Vajont. Take the same route back.